We are a specialist forest harvesting and marketing business, with a goal of maximizing the value recovered from forests.  To achieve this goal we complete the following key tasks:


Harvest planning and management is a very important part of the harvesting process.  Poor design and planning can cost a forest owner significantly and result in a negative impact on the net return and the actual value of a forest.  To ensure we achieve the best outcomes we provide the following:

  • Harvest planning by a highly experienced team with demonstrable results in all forms of ground-based and cable harvesting.
  • A diverse and skilled contractor base that is equipped to take on all jobs, big and small.
  • A selection of harvesting systems from cable harvesting to ground-based crews, to match the environment.


Forest harvesting, marketing and operational management is our core business.  We pride ourselves on our quality management system, from initial forest assessment, through to on-site operational planning and ensuring efficient and quality delivery of the forest product to market.

Health and safety and environmental management is top of mind for us.  We operate a Health and Safety system that is integrated throughout the business.  We work hard to ensure our contractors are empowered by our system and as a team, work hard to reduce risk in the workplace.  Commissioning third party auditors and trainers closes the loop, ensuring continuous improvement of our forest harvesting practice.  We are also members of the industry lead safety initiatives run by the Forest Industry Safety Council (FISC) and Safetree.

“ The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights. ”



To ensure the harvested logs get to market in a timely manner, at best price, we maintain close relationships with a number of log cartage companies in Southland and Otago.


FHM has excellent networks to domestic market with support of local and domestic wood processors, developed over years through strong personal relationships in the industry.  We have:

  • Access to all of the major sawmills in Southland and Otago.
  • A variety of export options at Chalmers and Bluff.
  • Options of managed sales, graded sales, or outright purchase.  We can provide a solution that suits your needs as a forest owner.