Formed in 2016, Forest and Harvest Managers (FHM) is a locally and privately owned company that has been formed to provide harvesting and marketing services to private forest owners in the Otago and Southland regions.

FHM’s Board includes our daily operational Manager, Tim Smith, and two other Director Shareholder’s Rhys Millar and Paul Merriman.



Tim has serviced the Otago/Southland private forestry sector for over 20 years in that time has seen considerable change in the industry, including changes in corporate forest ownership, and significant changes in environmental legislation and health and safety requirements. Tim’s experience in the forest harvesting and marketing industry is second to none. His considerable management and marketing experience, when combined with his long-established industry networks, see Tim as a regional leader in this industry.


Finance Manager / Director

Paul is an industrial accountant with a strong background in the forestry sector.  Paul previously worked for Southern Cross Forest Products as the Financial Controller before taking on a similar role with Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds.  His financial management skills are key to the success of FHM.



Rhys works across land use sectors as an Environmental Consultant. He is qualified as a forester, and previously has worked in the forestry harvesting and marketing sector. More recently he has worked in the forestry sector as a consultant to Regional Councils and Economic Development Agencies to evaluate the regional development of wood energy sectors, as well as for the NZFFA in developing an environmental certification scheme to provide access for small forest owners to FSC certification. Rhys is co-founder and Director of a successful environmental consultancy business, Ahika Consulting, and brings many years of experience to FHM.